outdoor parking with self-locking draining massel maspe 20x20


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    Grey, 20x20 cm format, 8 cm thick, perfect as a self-locking draining floor. Specific for areas where there is a high probability of flooding due to overloaded sewer systems or too much rainfall. Perfect for avoiding puddles and water stagnation. Suitable for both light and heavy traffic. Minimum order quantity: 10.38 m2 and multiples.

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    Maspe's solid 20x20 grey is a self-locking floor ideal for areas where water stagnation is frequent and abundant. 

    The solid block has a square shape and can also be laid in a dense weave, thus guaranteeing the passage not only of light but also of heavy vehicles.

    The grey colour is perfect for adding a modern touch to the exterior.

    Technical specifications

    Height: 20 cm

    Width: 20 cm

    Depth: 8 cm

    Weight: 141 kg/sqm

    Intended use

    The floor is perfect for:

    • light and heavy driveways;
    • cycling area;
    • pedestrian area;
    • gravel and grass areas;
    • This floor is also frost-resistant.

    Technical specifications for shipping:

    Square metre/basket: 10.38

    Kg/sqm: 141

    Weight of 1 pallet: 1464 kg

    Minimum order quantity: 10.38 sqm (i.e. 1 full pallet) and multiples 

    Please note: as the material is very heavy, we will provide you with a quotation for ad hoc transport by writing to info@folyexport.com. Please note that to facilitate unloading at destination, a crane truck will almost always be required to ground the material.