Luxury hot tub Luxury hot tub

Luxury hot tub

Luxury hot tubs are a furnishing element that creates a wellness area in your home, growing ever more popular. Choose from our online shop and make your home unique.

Modern hot tub: Various Sizes and Installation Possibilities

An indoor luxury hot tub can be installed not only in the bathroom but also in other rooms, like the bedroom. It's important to consider the available space to choose the right size.

Choose from rectangular, round, or square spa bathtubs. Rectangular ones offer more comfort and relaxation and can be installed in a corner, against a wall, or center room. Available sizes include 250x120, 190x120, 220x120, or 200x150.

Square or round shapes indicate more compact space. For square baths, 190x190 offers comfort and a modern, minimal design. Installed flush with the floor, they create a seamless look.

Round luxury hot tub can have a diameter of 160 cm or 190 cm. They can be installed flush or freestanding. If space allows, a central installation makes the modern hot tub a focal point of the room or bathroom. The round shape is more romantic, elegant, and sinuous.

Luxury hot tub in the Bedroom: A Dream or Reality?

Having a whirlpool bath in the bedroom is a dream come true. However, consider these elements before installation:

  • choose the size based on available space.
  • ensure the plumbing system is properly prepared and functioning.
  • set up an aeration and ventilation system to prevent mold due to humidity.
  • benefits of a Home Spa Bathtub.

Benefits of a home modern hot tub

Often people hesitate to install a modern hot tub at home, thinking they won't have time to relax. But, once installed, you'll always find time.

A home luxury hot tub offers these benefits:

  • improves mood;
  • relieves muscle tension;
  • reduces anxiety and stress;
  • lessens insomnia, improving sleep;
  • decreases the onset of headaches and migraines.

Discover our range of luxury hot tub in various shapes and sizes, including corner baths and double-ended or single-ended designs. Our jacuzzi baths and spa baths, equipped with air jets for hydrotherapy and massage, provide the ultimate relaxation experience. Choose from freestanding options for a modern look. Transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa with our jetted bathtubs and hot tubs, perfect for unwinding and rejuvenation.

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SENSUAL: airpool hot tub by Hafro Geromin Sensual airpool hot tub by Hafro Geromin

SENSUAL: airpool hot tub - Hafro Geromin

€24,936.90 -30%
€17,455.83 (tax included)
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  • -30%
square hot tub Bolla q sfioro by Hafro Geromin

BOLLA Q SFIORO 190x190: square hot tub - Hafro Geromin

€19,621.70 -30%
€13,735.19 (tax included)
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  • -30%
Bolla sfioro diameter 190 roud hot tub

Bolla sfioro diameter 190: roud hot tub - Hafro Geromin

€18,302.78 -30%
€12,811.95 (tax included)
  • Reduced price
  • -30%
indoor hot tub Minerva by Hafro Geromin Indoor hot tub: minerva by Hafro Geromin

MINERVA INDOOR: rectangular freestanding hot tub - Hafro Geromin

€20,248.88 -30%
€14,174.21 (tax included)
  • Reduced price
  • -30%
round and modern hot tub: Bolla 160 by Hafro geromin

BOLLA DIAMETER 160: round built-in hot tub - Hafro Geromin

€9,030.83 -30%
€6,321.58 (tax included)
  • Reduced price
  • -30%
MINERVA OUTDOOR: is a Rectangular outdoor whirlpool bath by Hafro Geromin outdoor hot tub serie Minerva outdoor by Hafro Geromin

MINERVA OUTDOOR: rectangular outdoor whirlpool bath - Hafro Geromin

€19,841.74 -30%
€13,889.22 (tax included)
  • Reduced price
  • -30%
rectangular and modern hote tub: Bolla r sfioro

BOLLA R SFIORO 200X150: rectangular modern hot tub - Hafro Geromin

€20,775.92 -30%
€14,543.14 (tax included)
  • Reduced price
  • -30%