self-locking skema rock autumn leaf by maspe


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    Skema Rock autumn leaf belongs to the series of self-locking outdoor paving slabs in different sizes and with a thickness of 7 cm. The surface is double-layered and the colour is characterised by a pastel red with some grey tones. The different shapes of the paving blocks allow for staggered laying.  Minimum order quantity 4.80 m2 and multiples.

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    Maspe is a company specialising in the production of self-locking concrete pavers for outdoor use. The Skema series is characterised by being particularly suitable for areas with light traffic, i.e. car or bicycle traffic.

    The bricks, all 7 cm thick, that make up this series have the following dimensions

    • 20 x 30 cm
    • 50 x 30 cm
    • 30 x 30 cm
    • 40 x 30 cm

    The different shapes allow for different laying patterns.

    The uniqueness of the Skema series lies in the shape of the paving blocks: having a particularly large size compared to other paving block series, it allows for a more modern and faster laying pattern.

    The warm colour of these paving blocks is perfect for a house with a traditional feel, but also for a house with a contemporary style.

    Destinations of use

    The flooring is perfect for:

    • light carriageways
    • cycling area;
    • pedestrian area.

    This floor is also frost-resistant.

    Technical specifications for shipping:

    Square metre/bank: 9.6

    Kg/sqm: 155

    Kg/pallet: 1488

    Please note: as the material is very heavy, we will give you a quote for ad hoc transport by writing to Please note that to facilitate unloading at destination, a crane truck will almost always be required to ground the material.