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Cement tiles online: colours, shapes and decors

Cement tiles have always been considered a valuable decoration for the bathroom or kitchen. Because of their uniqueness and originality, they are often used for wall tiles, but they can also very well be laid on floors.

In this category we offer a wide range of stoneware cement tiles, which differ in colour and decorative designs on the surface.

For a more classic environment the perfect cementine effect tiles are those with floral decorations, which may be either tone-on-tone or in a variety of shades.

On the other hand, for those who prefer a more minimal, modern style, but with a touch of customisation and movement, cement tiles with geometric decorations in cool shades of grey, black or white are perfect.

Cement tiles for bathroom tiling

The most frequent trend is to lay this type of tile in the bathroom, to personalise it and make it original and with character. 

There are several options for laying cement tiles in the bathroom:

o   only inside the shower cubicle to personalise the walls;

o   as a wall covering behind the bathroom cabinet;

o   lining only one wall to make it different from the others;

o   as wall decoration by laying them scattered and in between the other wall tiles.

These tiles are really very special and impressive. The advice we often give is that if you like them, do not let yourself be influenced by the opinions of others and by the fact that they go out of fashion over the years.

Patchwork tiles have been around for a very long time: a decoration that pleases, will never get tired.

If you are not convinced about laying an entire wall with cement tiles, you can always opt for a half-height tiling, so that the rest of the wall is free and clear.

Cement tiles in the kitchen: a touch of style

To personalise the kitchen and make it the real star of the dining room, cement tiles are the perfect choice for the backsplash.

The elements to take into consideration to achieve a harmonious and balanced result are as follows:

o   the colour of the kitchen;

o   the finish of the kitchen (is it wood effect, cement, glossy lacquer, matt lacquer?);

o   the colour of the worktop and the material;

o   the type of tile laid on the floor.

All these factors are decisive in choosing the type of cementine for the backsplash, i.e. whether to opt for geometric and abstract designs or floral patterns.

The same reasoning applies to the choice of colour. Many cementine effect tiles are coloured, while others have the same colour reproduced in different shades.

One thing is certain: cementine tiles are ideal for expressing one's taste and personality.

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