Maspe matrix outdoor paving tiles black yellow self-locking


    €19.38 per m2

    Matrix yellow black mix is a self-blocking floor consisting of three blocks with different formats. The colour of the blocks is light, in shades of ochre and anthracite. The thickness of the bricks is 6 cm. Suitable for the passage of light vehicles such as cars, but also for heavy vehicles such as lorries. ATT.NE: NOT AVAILABLE FOR DISCONTINUED SERIES

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    The Matrix series by Maspe offers self-locking floor coverings available in different colours. The screeds in this series range in colour from yellow ochre with darker shades tending towards graphite.

    This floor covering is perfect for the following uses

    • light wearability;
    • heavy carriageway;
    • bicycle area;
    • pedestrian area.

    The floor is 100 % driveable, making it suitable for an outdoor parking area for cars or a truck passage.

    The composition of the Matrix series self-locking pavement consists of three blocks, all 6 cm thick and with the following dimensions

    • 21 x 14 cm
    • 14 x 14 cm
    • 10 x 14 cm

    The laying of this type of floor is staggered and consists of spacing the three sizes of the blocks just listed. The three shapes make it possible to make the floor moving. 

    Technical specifications for shipping:

    Square metre/bank: 11.19

    Kg/sqm: 135

    Kg/pallet: 1511

    Please note: you can order online up to a maximum of 2 pallets (equal to 22.38 sqm). If you need a larger quantity, please write to us at As the material is very heavy, we will give you an ad hoc transport quote.