neutra roc ivory surface detail


    €35.75 per m2

    Neutra Ivory roc is a 2 cm thick outdoor tile. The surface tile is rough precisely to be non-slip. The anti-slip coefficient is in fact R11. The colour is ivory: a light colour that makes the tile stand out very well when laid on grass. Available in the rectified 60x60 format. Evergreen tile, easy to match with other shades.

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    The Neutra Roc collection offers stoneware tiles in neutral, solid colours with vein-free surfaces. They are therefore very versatile outdoor tiles that will never get tired of or go out of fashion with the passage of time.

    In particular, Neutra Avorio presents a warm colour, different from classic white, but not even close to beige. It is perfect if you want to customise your outdoor floor with a contemporary and modern colour.

    How to lay 2 cm tiles

    2 cm tiles can be laid dry in different ways.

    You can simply lay them over grass and create a block walkway.

    If, on the other hand, you do not want to ruin the grass and want to give the tile more stability, I recommend using non-woven fabric over the earth and covering it with gravel. The tile will then be laid on top of the gravel.

    You can also decide to create a raised outdoor floor: in this case you will have to place the tiles on supports called feet.

    How to clean outdoor stoneware

    The frequent dilemma when laying a floor with grip R11 is: can I clean it afterwards? The answer is yes.

    All you need to clean a rough outdoor stoneware is a bucket of water and a sorghum broom: if you clean it constantly, you will see that it will stay perfect with this method.

    If, on the other hand, you see that the dirt does not come out, I recommend using a high-powered water jet cleaner: the high-powered jet will wash away any type of stain. Having said that, you don't have to worry at all about how to clean this floor. After all, outside, it is essential that the floor is non-slip, so the surface must be rough.