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    Lumina Curve is a wall tile with a matt surface belonging to the Lumina collection by Fap ceramiche. The only available size is 25x75. An elegant tile with a 3D pattern reproducing sinuous waves. Perfect for customising bathroom wall tiles, making them certainly different from the usual ones, but without overdoing it.

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    Fap ceramiche's Lumina collection is sensational: it offers a series of wall tiles that are unique in both style and style. The 3D surface is the distinguishing feature of this series, making it modern and alternative.

    Lumina Curve White is a tile with a matt surface that reproduces soft, delicate waves. To the eye, they look like delicate marks left in the sand. The embossed pattern is sinuous, gentle and ideal for enlivening a wall with elegance. The colour white, a neutral colour, is perfect to be combined with any other colour shade.

    The three-dimensional surface of this tile will create very special plays of light and shadow in natural light. The wow effect is assured.

    Technical and Aesthetic Features

    • white-body wall tile
    • size 25x75;
    • matt and 3D surface;
    • thickness 8.5 mm;
    • Tile meeting the requirements of the Ecolabel: the European Community's eco-label awarded to products that have a low environmental impact throughout their entire life cycle. 
    • pure white colour, neutral and easy to match;
    • for bathroom and kitchen wall tiles.

    Why choose Lumina Curve White?

    • tile with a different texture from the usual wall tiles;
    • innovative 3D effect;
    • neutral colour, easy to combine with other shades;
    • high visual impact and aesthetic performance;
    • ideal for customising a bathroom wall or the inside of a shower cubicle;
    • perfect for an alternative kitchen screen;
    • elegant and very soft 3D effect;
    • modern yet evergreen texture: you won't get tired of it over time.

    Where to lay Lumina Curve White?

    As it is a tile suitable only for wall tiling, it can be used in the following ways:

    • decorative cladding behind the bathroom cabinet;
    • internal walls of the shower cubicle to make it more personal and differentiate it from the rest of the bathroom wall tiles;
    • decorative strip along all bathroom walls, laid at half height;
    • kitchen backsplash.

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